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How to Get a Guy Interested in You


If you have a guy in mind or you are just open to the possibilities, be prepared for some shocking information.  You donít have to get a makeover, shed pounds, visit a spa, learn a foreign language or any other crazy thing some other advice sources might give you for tips.  You donít have to change anything about your appearance or personality to know anything about how to get a guy interested in you!  All any woman needs to get a guy interested in her is to know what attracts guys in the first place. 


Itís been said before and it will be said many times again, but confidence truly interests all guys.  It is alright to be shy, but as long as you have the knowledge that you are beautiful and interesting and you truly believe that knowledge, you will notice that more and more men will become interested in you.  It might be with just a smile and nod of the head, but it will become obvious that more guys are finding you interesting just by the way you carry yourself!  Practice going out and committing to believing how attractive you are the entire time and you will notice you stir up more interest from guys than before your new attitude!


You may wonder how to get a guy interested in you if you already have a guy in mind.  If you havenít formally met this guy yet, introduce yourself with your confidence in check and a big smile.  Ask him how he is or comment about something your guy is wearing.  Guys like a woman who can show her interest first.  Guys like to see that a woman cares and it is very attractive.  Listen to what he has to say and stay interested.  Feel free to add to the conversation, but avoid criticizing or judging.  No one is interested in being with anyone who makes them feel that they are being criticized or judged and guys are no exception.  Guys are interested in being with people who make them feel good.


Maybe youíve already become a casual acquaintance of the guy you are interested in and youíre not sure how to get him interested in you.  If you know you have something in common with your guy, ask him if he would like to join you for that activity.  If he enjoys doing something you havenít done, ask him if he wouldnít mind teaching you.  Guys like to know that women find them interesting and important.  Showing genuine interest in any guy is how to get a guy interested in you.

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