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How to Get a Guy in LOVE with You

You must have a lot of strong feelings for a guy if you are interested in finding ways to get a guy in love with you.  The feelings for someone you want to love you can be so intoxicating and blinding sometimes.  The truth is there is no surefire way to get a guy in love with you.  The best advice anyone can offer on how to get a guy in love with you is to be who you are and donít pretend to be someone you are not.  Guys are attracted to confidence and independence.  If you have complete confidence and you enjoy your own independence and if the chemistry is right your guy should have no choice but to fall in love with you.


Guys have a long track record of falling in love with women who are confident and independent.  This doesnít mean that you have to be a successful attorney or that you manipulate a guy through your availability.  If you love who you are no matter what shape, size or color you are, this is attractive no matter what you do or what you look like.  You have to love you in order to get a guy in love with you.  Being comfortable with yourself is how to get a guy in love with you.


Chemistry plays an important role in any relationship.  No matter how gorgeous a woman might be, if a guy doesnít feel a particular invisible connection to her there is no way to force him to be in love.  This doesnít mean that there is anything wrong with this gorgeous woman, it means that something that cannot be controlled wasnít present.  It isnít personal when someone doesnít love you.  It means that whatever that intangible thing we call chemistry is just didnít ďsparkĒ in a particular pairing.  This is important to remember no matter how much you wish a guy would fall in love with you.  Never let a situation where chemistry didnít happen between a great guy and you stop you from believing you are wonderful.  You are wonderful and the right guy who will fall in love with you will be worth the effort and the wait.


Lies and manipulation are never how to get a guy in love with you.  While they may prolong a relationship, feelings of being deceived and resentfulness will eventually take hold.  Being comfortable and confident just the way you are opens up all kinds of opportunities for guys to fall in love with you.  Be patient, try to have fun and youíll most likely have a guy in love with you in no time.


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