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How to Find LOVE and Keep It

People everywhere are looking for that special someone.  They want to find love that will last a lifetime.  But even though so many are looking, very few people actually know how to find love. 

Rules of the Hunt

There is a misconception that there is a "right" way to find love.  The truth is how you find love is as individual as your fingerprints.  You do not have to dress a certain way or follow any "rules".  Be sure of who you are and make choices that you can live with that fit your quest for love.

Where to Look

The first thing to remember when searching for love is what you aren't looking for.  There is a big difference between finding someone for casual sex and finding love that will last.  This isn't to say that you couldn't meet the perfect person at the bar, but the vast majority of nightclub hook-ups are more likely to lead to sex than marriage.  It is important to think about what you want in that special someone and to look for love in places that reflect those interests.  For example, if your faith is central to your life, you might find the perfect mate at a church-sponsored group or event.  If your love of animals is something that drives you, you might find love by taking your pet to obedience training or to the local dog park. 

How to Act

While there may be a trend at younger ages to become someone else to find love, that isnít the best way.  Those relationships usually end because real personalities eventually emerge.  Instead, you should be yourself.  You want a person to love you, for who you are, not who you can pretend to be.  Find people with common interests by letting your own personality shine. 

That's Great, but How Do IÖ

Even though there is no specific rulebook for finding love, there are some common sense ideas to keep in mind.  The types of things you find appealing in the opposite sex probably appeals to them in a certain way as well.  No one likes head games, so don't play them.  Figure out who you are as an individual so that when someone finds love with you, they find it with who you really are, not with someone still searching for their identity.  People who obsess about relationships tend to be the ones that fail at them, so develop relationships outside your love life.  Having a wide social network will not only increase the pool of people from which you can potentially find love, it will also let others know that you have a life outside of any potential relationship with them. 

So, figure out what you want and go find it.  Just be sure that you are yourself, so that the other person finds love with the real you.

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