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How to Attract the Guy
You've ALWAYS Wanted

Just the thought of him makes your heart flutter.  There is no other guy in the world who you feel so attracted to.  There is no other guy in the world like him.  You would do anything to know how to attract the guy you want!  The good news is that you can attract any guy you want and have your choice.  However, you have to do a bit of work on you and your thought processes before you can go out and get the guy before he knows whatís hit him.

Think of how good you feel when you think about the guy you want.  It is a feeling you probably would like to have all of the time!  Before you are able to attract your guy, you have to face some things that might not be easy.  You donít need to change who you are or the way you look to attract the guy you want.  You have to face the way you feel about yourself and change any negatives into positives.  No amount of make up or hair tint can change your negative thought processes.  Your guy canít be attracted to the real you right now because you may subconsciously be giving out vibes that betray your own lack of self-confidence. 

Having confidence in your own individual and natural, genuine beauty is how to attract the guy you want.  Did you know that most guys are attracted to women with curves?  If you have curves, love them!  If you donít have curves, delight in how lucky you are to be slender.  Turn any negative you feel into a positive and your guy will begin to show signs he is attracted to you.  You will enjoy his attraction even more because you have the knowledge that his is attracted to the real you instead of someone you tried to be to manipulate him into a false attraction.

Next, consider that the guy you want might actually be attracted to you but has held back because he isnít sure about your attraction for him.  Do something like catch your guyís eye and hold it while giving him a sexy smile.  His response should let you know if he is attracted to you or not.  If you arenít sure, work up the courage to approach your guy and flirt just a bit with him in a playful way.  You can usually tell if her flirts back a bit or not if your guy is finding you attractive.

Attraction has a lot to do with chemistry.  If the chemistry isnít there, there isnít much you can do to force a guy to be attracted to you and canít imagine that anyone would want that.  Always remember and believe that you are a beautiful woman who has so much to give to the right guy and that is how to attract the guy you want.  He may not be the guy you first had in mind, but he may be the better guy for you!

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