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If you like to live in the past, you must have come across a number of books that promote the standard method that will advise you to have this ‘attractive female’ approach. They say if you are the “hard to get” kinds, only then will you get the much needed attention. Anyhow, all these now just remain to be myths. In this fast paced life, nobody really has the time to sit, get instigated and intrigued to know the girl and then fight the odds to get to her. They would rather have the easy way and move out to the next available option. Looking prim and proper and having that attractive attitude is not all that it takes to attract a man. Things do not happen in a stereotypical way anymore and you need to be innovative to attract the man of your dreams. More than anything else, ‘The Law of Attraction’ should be believed. Whatever you want, you can easily attract if it’s really from the heart. Not only that, she would also have to take the right steps to do so.  


Cent percent results


Be yourself and the world will be yours! Attracting men is no art nor is it a mathematical problem. The best way to do it is to be you’re self, GOOD or BAD is the key solution to all the problems. Your intuition is expected to be your guide and philosopher in this run. Let your instinct guide you towards what the next step is supposed to be. People today do have the intellect to judge between the real and fake and they can easily catch you if you are being an imposter. Men usually stay away from women who try and fake things, try and be a person that they are not. Copying the trends and the world around is also not an option as your true identity and individuality should shine considerably. Try and make your abilities and presence felt to the best of your ability. Your best sides should be highlighted in a way that it stands to be a plus point for you. Do not try and put on an image that is just not you. It is important to feel good, so to feel good one must stay comfortable with her personality and it will automatically have a different impact on the man.


If you have a jovial nature, let it be seen. Do not try and hide it just because it is believed that a man needs to take initiative, as roles have reversed and as we know that “everything is fair in love and war”. Whatever are the plus points of your personality should come across to the other person as an asset. If there are any unusual passions or hobbies you have, don’t keep them under the wraps. Opening up to the other side is really important as he needs to be know your character traits before he decides to spend the rest of his life with you.


Self –management – A thing to learn


After being your own self all this while, you need to learn to be the good self. Best way to attract men would be to conduct you in the perfect manner. If you have a positive approach towards things, you will easily be able to impress any man. Manage your self perfectly before you go out and start managing other things to impress someone. A better life is what a man looks forward to and hence, he is going to look for all the things that make him happy. A healthy and compatible relationship is what everyone seeks at the end of the day. If you are emotionally quite unstable, come to terms with life and start being optimistic. You have to handle your emotions first to be a part of someone else’s life. Make yourself ready for life and only then look forward to attracting men.


Final Brush up tips


  • Be yourself.
  • Creating slight intrigue is okay, but being too pricey is not going to work.
  • Do not panic and being self-conscious is not going to help.
  • Attract men with your attitude rather than your body.
  • Do not lie as it is a major turn off.
  • Don’t act like you are ready to do any and everything for him.
  • Keep your self respect intact.
  • Attracting men will be easier if you consciously don’t bother that you are trying to attracting him.
  • Be real and stay in the real world. Being hypothetical is a great idea, but don’t fly too high before anything materializes.


All said and done, do not lose hope. Be confident of your self, your appearance and attitude and you will surely have men attracted to you.


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