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How to Attract Men: the SECRETS
Every Woman Must Know

It is very difficult to know how to attract men without changing something about who you are.  All of the information available to women today about how to get men to notice them and how to make men approach them can be quite confusing.  Some books advise a woman on how to dress.  Other information tells a woman what to say and how to say it.  You are supposed to react a certain way no matter what your true emotions are telling you.  Attracting men shouldnít be so confusing and hard!  The focus on attracting men should really be how to find men who are good for you and with whom you may eventually enjoy a healthy relationship.  This is a far easier and realistic goal to attain than any other guides lead you to believe about attracting men.

Being artificial in any way is the worst thing a woman can do when it comes to attracting men.  Never buy a new wardrobe because it is the trend if it is something you would never consider without having been told to do so by a relationship book or guide.  Being comfortable is far more effective when a woman is around men.  The more comfortable a woman is, the more attractive she is.  If you take the time to notice that all the women who are drawing men to their side or who are just having fun with a group of people are the most relaxed in a bar, club, restaurant or other gather place.  These women have found that being attractive has more to do with how they feel than how they look.

The same is true with a womanís physical appearance.   Knowing how to attract men has very little to do with how you look.  No woman has to change anything about her appearance including weight and features unless she wants to do it for her own personal benefit like health or energy.  If you are comfortable with your body and carry yourself that way, you will attract men to you who find you appealing just the way you are.  Confidence is the best tool a woman has around any man.  It doesnít matter if you are shy and confident or incredibly social and confident, as long as confidence is the constant.

Dating isnít about games.  Attracting men by playing games leaves winners and losers.  Winning feels good and losing doesnít.  Donít approach trying to attract men as a game.  Instead, recognize it for what it truly is and that is a process of discovery.  Women who attract men in a healthy way often end up enjoying the experience far more than if they play games.  Getting to know people and having new experiences is much more enjoyable than waiting to see if you are going to get hurt or if you can keep a man interested in you. 

Enjoy being available and meeting new people.  Appreciate that you are unique in what you have to offer the opposite sex.  Take pride in who you are.  It is more fun knowing how to attract men feeling confident and comfortable as well as with a positive attitude rather than pretending to be someone you simply canít be in the long run. 

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