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How to Attract BEST Men
as an Intelligent Woman

If you feel you need to ask the question about how to attract men as an intelligent woman, the answer is very simple.  As an intelligent woman, it can be very easy to over-thing or analyze that particular question.  All any women including intelligent women need is to be confident in who they are and what they have to offer a man.  You donít need to become a ďfashionistaĒ or beauty queen to be skilled in attracting men.  Just being an intelligent woman is you will be able to attract a man!


Once you understand and accept there are men who desire intelligence in a woman and you have the confidence to display that intelligence, it is important to be careful of one common pitfall.  Some women believe that the best way to attract a man is with her intelligence.  She may be tempted to dazzle him with her vast knowledge or to challenge his intelligence.  This kind of interaction is why some women are confused as to why their intelligence hasnít paid off when attracting men. Being knowledgeable and bright is how to attract men as an intelligent woman.  Being all-knowing and lecturing is condescending and often causes the opposite reaction of attraction! 


There is nothing wrong with being an intelligent woman!  In fact, most men are attracted to smart women.  Knowing how to be an intelligent woman while attracting men without coming off as conceited or pompous can be tricky but it is very possible.  Once youíve met a man and are enjoying his company, being a good listener can be just as important as being intelligent.  Accepting a manís thoughts and ideas and enjoying his conversation is not only courteous but it is also what most men desire from a woman.  An intelligent woman can attract a man with being able to hold her own in a good conversation while at the same time showing she is considerate and ready to entertain new ideas.


Having faith in what you have to offer and enjoying your acuity is the key to being able to attract men as an intelligent woman.  Confidence followed by brains is a lethal combination when it comes to how to attract men as an intelligent woman.  You donít ever have to give up who you are or compromise anything about who you are in order to attract a man who appreciates an intelligent woman.  A little bit of your knowledge and an interest in the right guy is where being a woman who is intelligent will pay off.

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