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How to Attract BEST Guys and Make them Crave You

Women who know how to attract guys have one thing that other women who struggle attracting men don’t.  These women are able to attract guys with their attitude.  It is so easy to say that confident women are able to attract men easier than it is to just feel confident.  Confidence can be learned and every single woman has what it takes to be confident and attract guys with what she already has to offer without changing a thing.


You don’t have to be a size 0, tall, petite or any other ideal you believe is the only way a woman can attract guys.  Physical appearances have far less to do with attracting guys than most women think.  This is often a result of being exposed to the ideals advertised by magazines and images from Hollywood.  In the real world, women come in all shapes and sizes.  Guys are very basic in what they are attracted to and confidence is almost always what makes a guy attracted to a woman.


If you feel that you struggle with your own self-confidence, you can change how you perceive your own body and personality with positive thinking.  When you find yourself thinking that you need to lose weight, you aren’t smart enough or any other negative thought, try to be aware of what you are doing and change the thought to something positive.  You can think, “Guys are attracted to women with curves and I have great curves!” or “I have so much to offer the right guy”.  Get out of the negativity cycle you are in and change it to something positive.  Just feeling better about yourself will change how you attract guys every time you leave the house.


You don’t need a makeover or a new wardrobe to attract guys.  Looking nice is always beneficial, but your comfort comes through and is far more attractive than the latest designer dress.  Most guys won’t have a clue about what a woman is wearing whether it is designer or not.  Women are attractive to guys when they are comfortable.  Guys are also more likely to approach a woman if she is relaxed and enjoying herself.


Your new found confidence can only be enhanced by keeping a positive attitude.  Never say anything negative or derogatory.  You will find that neither of these attitudes are how to attract guys with success.  Smile freely and try to enjoy the company of every person you come into contact with while you are out.  Even if you attract guys who you don’t find interesting or attractive, others will notice your contagious warmth and optimism.  Everything you need to attract as many guys as you want is within your reach.

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