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Women attract men and keep them every day.You wonder why it is that you are having such a difficult time attracting and keeping your own man.There isnít a private and secretive club where women can go to learn how to attract and keep a man.Every woman can attract almost any man she wants and keep him if that is what she desires.

Women who seem to be able to attract men without even batting an eye have something over women who are struggling just to find a guy who isnít less than she deserves.She knows that it works to attract men when she is happy, positive and comfortable with who she is on both the inside and the outside.Men tend to be attracted to women who make them feel good regardless of how she looks.A woman who is happy and comfortable makes men want to be around her.It really is that simple to attract a man.

When you are stressing about how to attract and keep a man, you need to stop.That is one of the reasons you are currently unsuccessful at attracting and keeping men.Desperation and neediness is visible to others often through words and body language.Changing your thinking to include knowing and believing that you are the best woman any man will ever find is exactly the mindset women who successfully attract men are currently using.They are not conceited or aloof.They are confident and positive.This is the best and most proven way to attract a man.

Once you have your man, the next step is understanding how to keep a man.The most powerful thing that keeps a man happy and attracted to his woman is simply to make him happy and feel good.This doesnít mean that you have to do all of the giving in a relationship.Men are not attracted to women who compromise themselves in order to keep a man.It is just another form of desperation and neediness.Men find women who have their own minds while respecting their manís opinion and thoughts intriguing and attractive.

Independence is also a good quality if you are trying to attract a man.  Keeping him requires a woman to have her own interests and social life.  Men enjoy a sense of mystery in women and if she has her own life, he will never be quite sure how things will play out from one day to the next.

If you know you donít need a man but you want to share your life with someone special, it is the first step in how to attract and keep a man.  A healthy self image and confidence is so effective when you want to attract and keep any man you want.  Once you understand your needs and have your own independent life, you are ready to attract almost any man you want and then keep him by your side.

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