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Get a Boyfriend Now and Keep Him FOREVER

Getting a boyfriend is not as hard as some might think.  Many resources and advice columns advise women to “appear” a certain way.  Doesn’t that sound a bit unreal to you?  It seems right along the lines of deceit and misrepresentation.  If you “appear” to be anything to a boyfriend, it will eventually come to light that you are not what you appear to be and reality can come crashing in on all sides.  This is not pleasant.  Get a boyfriend now and keep him by not “appearing” to be anything.  You can get and keep a boyfriend by being just who you are right now.


You can appear to be confident and still be the most insecure person in the world.  There isn’t one guy who wants to date a girl who doesn’t like who she is.  Real confidence and a good self-esteem are what boyfriends want in a girlfriend.  Those qualities don’t just appear like magic, but there are things a girl can do to build those qualities within her!  You don’t have to be super skinny or look like an exotic model to get and keep a boyfriend.  If you believe and know that you are beautiful, guys will feel the same way!  Tell yourself how amazing you are and you will believe it more and more.  You will most likely have to choose a boyfriend from different prospects if you successfully build up your own confidence!


If you get a boyfriend now by playing games and only appearing to be busy, your deceit will eventually be seen when he finds out you really have no life outside of him.  Boyfriends fear commitment.  It’s a simple fact and if a boyfriend feels that his girlfriend is clingy or dependent on him, he is likely to bolt.  A girl who has her own, independent life with friends and activities is far less threatening to a potential boyfriend.  Happy relationships exist when both the boyfriend and the girlfriend have their own interest and do not have to be with each other all of the time.  Strangely enough, this can sometimes result in the boyfriend wanting to be able to find more time to spend with his girlfriend!


If you really want to get a boyfriend now and keep him, you really need to be genuine and real.  Boyfriends do not want girlfriends that bring drama!  Work on you and what you need before you go out and find a boyfriend if you are serious about finding a lasting relationship.  Keep your independence while giving your boyfriend attention and affection.  Doing these things should put you on the right track to finding a boyfriend you can keep in a relationship for a long time.

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