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Having a Hard Time Finding a GOOD Man?

We all know theyíre out there, but why are they so hard to find?  Youíve been on the search for months, if not years, looking for a good man.  You frequently hear yourself saying, ďAll the good ones are taken.Ē  Maybe youíre just looking in all the wrong places. 


Know What You Want


There could be a good man right under your nose.  First you have to decide what a good man means to you.   Some women want a man that can financially support them.  Other women want a man that can live with them as an equal, both working and supporting a family and a household.  There are even women that want to be the one to support a man, and just have him around for pleasure.  Regardless of your reasons for wanting a man, you have to make a decision on what you consider to be a good man.


Thatís where Heíll be


When finding a good man, depending on his characteristics, thatís where heíll be. If your idea of a good man is someone who shares the same goals in raising and supporting a family and home, perhaps youíve been looking for love in all the wrong places.  Maybe you should take a walk in the local dog park.  If you donít own a dog thatís fine, surely you know someone that does.  Check out a local little league game, or another kids sporting event.  Youíll be sure to find a good man there, showing his kids support by watching them play their game.


Maybe itís Me


Itís hard to look deep within ourselves and do some self-evaluating.  We often donít see flaws in ourselves that others may see.  The majority of women often say, ďWhatís wrong with me.Ē  We see ourselves as giving, nurturing females, each having physical characteristics that we may want to change. Perhaps we all need to lose a pound or two, or its they way we carry ourselves that hinders us from getting that good man to take notice.  Donít worry about the things we canít change.  We can all use improvement on our day-to-day outlooks.  Grab a self help book, perhaps on self-esteem.  Become proud and confident in whom you are, and be happy with yourself and that good man may easier to find.


There are a few good men out there, they are not intentionally hiding, just probably looking for a good woman, and that woman is you.

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