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It is Time for You to Find LOVE!

Finding love is not as difficult as you think. The stars and planets do not have to align in perfect order and be accompanied by a full moon and romantic music. The truth is that you can find love anywhere, as long as you are open to it. Yes itís that easy. We all say we want love, but what are we doing to find it?


I know, youíre saying ďIím looking!Ē Are you really? Or are you spending your time complaining about how lonely you are and how you just canít find ďMr. Right.Ē Here are a few tips that will help you stop complaining and prepare to bring love into your life.


1. Decide what it is you Want from a Relationship


Stop wasting time thinking about what you donít want in a relationship. Think about what you do want, if you donít know what it is that you wantÖ how will you know if you have found it?


2. Decide What Type of Man you want a Relationship With


Decide on the qualities you want in a man. Then write them down. Ask any of the experts on goal setting and they will all tell you that if you write them down you will increase the likelihood of those goals happening. Get out the pen and paper and describe the man you are looking for.


3. Be Happy With YOU


It is unrealistic for a person who is unhappy with themselves and/or their lives to think that their perfect mate will come and be happy with them. Take the time to improve your relationship with yourself. Work on becoming happy with who you are BEFORE you try to find love. Self appreciation, self respect and self love create the foundation for any relationship.


4. Let Go of the Negative Thought Patterns and Get Positive


It is time to accept the fact that your life is a manifestation of what you spend you time thinking about. There are many books on the market that can help you change the way you think, shutting of the negative and focusing on the positive.


5. Know When to Walk Away and Do It


Decide on what you can do. No one deserves to be unhappy, and no one has to stay in a bad relationship. Put energy into the actions that you can take. Forget what you canít do. It is important to remember, that it is the relationships that we walk away from that make way for something new and wonderful.

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