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Female Body Language
to Attract Men

Using female body language to attract men is more effective than women think!  There are so many different ways for women to use female body language that lets a man know you are interested in him without saying a single word.  There are even more ways that can let a man know you are interested in more than just meeting him.  You can attract men with female body language and let him know all about what you want with him without ever having to speak! 


If you are at a social gathering place and see a guy you are interested in but not quite ready to approach him, you can use female body language to let him know you find him attractive.  The most popular body language to attract men is eye contact.  Catch his eye and see if you can keep it longer than you normally would for a friendly “hello”.  This subtle, yet effective body language lets him know that you like what you see without putting any pressure on either one of you. 


If he matches your eye contact, the next signal using body language you want to use is to smile and nod your head slightly at him.  If he returns your smile, let him know you find him attractive by letting your eyes drift down his body and back up.  If he is a normal guy who is interested and read your body language correctly, he should be ready to approach you.


Your body language has done most of the work to attract men for you already!  Once you have met, there are other ways female body language can carry you even further.  Slowly take in his face with your eyes.  Men like this particular female body language and it lets him know that you really like him.  You can let your eyes drift downward from his face, but if you let your gaze drive too far downward, some men can presume that you are sending a very intimate message!  Female body language to attract men is really that effective.


If you really like him and are comfortable with using your body to communicate your interest, you can do some subtle things to let him know how you feel.  Some body language that is appropriate at this point would be to expose your neck by adjusting your hair or leaning your head to one side.  Other female body language might be to expose the palms of your hands and wrists to him or to point your feet toward him.  This kind of body language allows him to feel comfortable in your presence and lets him know that he is not facing rejection from you.


One move in particular is considered to be the ultimate confirmation that a woman really likes a man.  This female body language to attract men is a simple touch on his arm or hand.  That simple touch is so powerful and well-known that it is the one that men often look for.  You are in control of the messages that you send with your body in order to attract and communicate with men.  If you doubt the power of female body language, give some subtle moves a try the next time you are out.  Men are more aware of this language than even they know and you will most likely discover that they can’t help but react to female body language.

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