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The ONLY Dating Advice You Need to Succeed with Men

So you’re out there on the dating “field” and nothing seems to be happening.  Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome isn’t taking notice so now you’re looking for some dating advice.  You’ve come to the right place.

First and most importantly be honest.  Let him like you for who you really are.  Let him get to know the real you – slowly.  Answer any questions he may throw at you with an honest answer, and expect the same in return.  Don’t exaggerate the truth.  No one likes a show off.  If you’re conveying a story of a personal experience keep it short and simple, unless he asks for details.  Keep in mind, men only hear about 3 minutes of the beginning of a conversation, you want to keep his attention.  This is a very important factor of dating advice.

Make him take notice.  Perhaps do something to enhance your already beautiful features.  This does not mean glob on a lot of make up, or shorten that mini skirt.  Take note of these simple words of advice, don’t over do it.  Men like the natural look as well.  Ditch the eye shadows and applying only mascara instead.  Don’t douse yourself in over-powering perfumes.  Flashy is not always fabulous, no need to throw on that low-fronted, sequenced top that makes you itch.  You can make him notice you by just being you and concentrate on your natural features. 

Other dating advice which you may want to implement is to know what you want.  Basically, have an opinion.  You don’t always have to voice it and ram it down his throat.  If he should ask “What do you want to do,” or “where would you like to go for dinner”, have and answer.  Replying with, “I don’t know,” or “I don’t care,” can be very frustrating for him.  If you’re in the beginning of your dating relationship, it’s important for him to know your interests, so tell him.  Here’s a suggestion on where to go and what to eat.  Suggest going to shoot some pool, tell him that you’re not very good at it, if that’s the case, and let him pick the restaurant.  You could give him some background information such as if you’re allergic to anything, or that you love Chinese food. 

Dating is not only time consuming and frustrating it can be fun and exciting as well.  Be honest, be yourself and follow these simple dating advice tips.

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