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When dating, we may hear the phase, “Age shouldn’t matter.”  Depending on how old you are, it may be acceptable to be dating a younger man.  We don’t want to be accused of “robbing the cradle,” and it’s definitely not appropriate to be dating and having sex with someone who’s not at the legal age of consent.  If dating a younger man, here are some things to consider.


What’s your age?


Its funny how things change the older we get.  If you were twenty and started dating a sixteen year old, this would not be considered socially acceptable.  There would be four years difference between you.  Now if you’re forty, dating a man who’s thirty-six, this would seem perfectly fine, even though there’s still that four year age gap between you.  If you’re approximately twenty-five and older, four years isn’t that great of a difference.  It would most likely boil down to life experiences, maturity and common interests.


Life Experiences


Years ago, you graduated high school, now you’re out in the work force.  If you happen to prefer dating younger men you may want to consider dating someone with the same life experiences.  For example, if you’ve been previously married and perhaps have had children, you may want to reconsider dating the younger man who has just graduated from high school.  You’ve already lived with someone, have learned the real stresses of life and responsibility and they probably haven’t.  When dating a younger man its best to keep in mind it may be better to date someone who can relate to you and your life experiences.


Common Interests and Maturity


You’re working your eight-hour days, five days a week; your younger man is still in school, maybe working part time and still barhopping.  You’re focusing on your career and finances but he’s still pulling all-nighters and asking to be picked up at two AM.  When dating a younger man, try to have common interests.  Some younger men tend to be more mature than others.   This maturity would be a great advantage when building a relationship with a younger man.


Dating a younger man may have some great advantages.  Perhaps they keep you feeling younger since they tend to have more energy and get-up-and-go. This is great if life were all about parties and sex.  Consider group activities with your friends and his.  Would there be many common interests among this group?

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