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The Whole TRUTH about Dating Singles Exposed

Now a days, there seems to be different types of dating singles.  Regardless of what type of dating, whether it's Internet dating, long-distance dating or your every day run-of-the-mill just hooking up with someone, here are a few things dating singles should keep in mind.


Play Fair


Basically do onto others, as youíd have done to you.  If youíre a dating single and are dating various others, itís only fair to accept the fact that your dates may be dating others as well.  Some women donít like the fact that the man theyíre dating also has other women on the side.  Some women want to be the one and only.  If this is your preference, make it known.  Nobody likes to be caught in that uncomfortable situation seeing a guy youíre dating out with another woman when you thought he was only dating you.


Honest Engine


Dating singles should always be open and honest with their expectations of the relationship.  Donít lead them on.  If youíre not interested in pursuing a relationship with your date, be sure to let them know. Itís always a difficult task to tell someone youíre not interested in them, especially when you think they have deeper feelings for you. As disappointing as it may be to hear your date tell you that youíre not his ďtype,Ē itís better to know before youíve invested months or years into the dating relationship.


Slow Down


Sometimes dating singles tend to rush into things.  They may feel eager to get past the getting to know one another part and jump right into the commitment stage.  This may be more common in older dating singles.  If youíre an older dating single, you may feel that youíre suppose to be at a certain stage because of your age.  For example, it may be expected that by the age of forty, weíre supposed to be in a committed relationship.  This may force some dating to singles to rush things along.  Take the time to get to know one another.  Donít let your age pressure you into making hasty decisions and attempt to rush the relationship along.  


Dating singles have the opportunity to test the waters.  Youíve probably already been in a committed relationship that didnít work out.  You now know more about yourself and more about what you want out of a man and a relationship.  By being honest, taking it slow and playing fair, your dating single days may come to an end.  You could find yourself in that wonderful relationship youíve always dreamed of.  

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