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Need Advice for Dating an OLDER Man?

Do you ever wonder why some women date older men?  You often see a man and a woman together, arm in arm and you’re not sure if they’re a couple or father and daughter.  Yet they seem to be incredibly happy as they walk down the street or across the room.  There could be many reasons why some women tend to date older men.


Daddy’s Girl


When we were little girls, we’d usually run to daddy when things went wrong.  The protection we received when running into his strong arms, his ability to make everything right, gave us security we needed.  Daddy had a way to make our mountain of a problem seem like a mole hill.  This is one of the many reasons why women prefer to date older men.  They receive that sense of security they require to feel safe.  Women feel that by dating an older man they will stay protected from whatever curves life decides to throw their way.  We often hear that women tend to date men who have characteristics of her fathers.




Another reason women prefer to date older men is to have that sense of stability.  By dating an older man we can only assume that he has established himself financially.  The older man probably has a good steady job, a home that may already been paid for, and perhaps some expensive toys to enjoy.  The older man may provide you with financial stability which will give you, as a woman less to worry about, therefore relieving some financial stress. Being able to have this stability and security would make women appreciate the advantages of dating an older man.  This doesn’t mean he has to totally support you, but provide sanctuary.




Let’s assume that the older you are, the more mature you are.  We all want a partner who’s mature and has the ability to communicate instead of freaking out every time a problem occurs.  By dating an older man we may receive that maturity we want and need for a successful relationship.  Having that mature out-look on life can help elevate those otherwise stressful situations.


Let’s face it; women like all people, require emotional security.  By dating an older man we may find ourselves in a relationship with less stress and worries as we feel we are being taken care of, giving us they emotional strength we think we necessary.

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