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Dating Men Advice - Things to Practice

So youíre wondering whatís keeping you from finding that perfect man.Perhaps thereís no such thing as a perfect man, but thereís a man that is perfectly suitable for you. Here are some things to practice when dating men.


Let Your Hair Down


Men's senses seem to be based more on a visual aspect.  Always look your best when venturing out on a date.  Perhaps get that manicure that will make men visualize you running your nails down their back.  Let your hair down; forgo the hair clip or scrunchie.  Surely youíve noticed men tend to take a second glance at the woman with their hair flowing down as apposed to the pony-tail.  You donít have to add those fake extensions, or have hair flowing down your back.  Simply let it flow naturally.  When dating men, the natural look seems to be a real winner.


Men Like Power


Walk with confidence.  If youíre dating men hold your head high.  I donít mean walk around like you own the place, just walk with confidence.  Donít slouch or hang your head.  Let him look into your eyes and see what youíre all about.  Men appear to like a woman with self-confidence.  Women with self-assurance and self-respect will in return show respect to the man their dating.  Men like power.  A confident woman will surely keep that man theyíre dating intrigued. 




Yes, laugh out loud.  Laugh at his corny jokes.  Donít fake it, certainly you can find some sort of humour in his corniness.  Hearing you laugh will have the men youíre dating feeling more relaxed, and youíll feel more relaxed as well.  Be able to laugh at yourself.  This is an awesome quality to possess.  Not just when dating men, but in all aspects of life.  Let him see your corniness as well.  Donít be a stick in the mud and think his jokes are childish.  Perhaps they are, but let yourself laugh out loud and make your date more enjoyable.  It would be wonderful for both of you to wake up a couple of days later and still have sore cheeks from all the laughter.


When dating men, try following these simple practices.  Let him hear you laugh and heíll certainly laugh along with you.  Let your hair down and try to find that natural look.  Present your self with confidence and let the man youíre dating try to win you over.

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