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Dating Game Questions:
WHAT Questions Should You Ask on a Dating Game

If you’re preparing for the ever popular speed dating or just have some basics requirements your companion must possess, prepare a list of dating game questions.


You may feel you’re preparing to interview someone for a job, in reality asking some simple dating game questions isn’t too far from that concept. This can apply for online dating as well as your first date in person.


Without being too forward, ask your date if they have ever been in love.  The answer to this question may determine whether they’re actually capable of loving someone, including themselves.  If you’re looking for that long-term commitment, this may play an important factor.


Perhaps ask why they’re single.  If they seem to have it all together, wouldn’t you be curious to know why they’re not in a relationship?   Maybe they had a cheating spouse, or even worse, they’re the one that cheated. 


Ask about long-term goals or where they see themselves in five years.  This could help determine if they’re ambitious and have a plan in life.  You may see some common goals that you may have for your own future.  Nobody wants to be dating someone that is lazy and needs to be carried, especially financially.


Speaking of which, ask about their job, how long they’ve been there and even lighten it up a bit by asking if they enjoy their job.  Inquire about the good and bad aspects they see in their workplace.  For your own security you don’t want to have to be responsible for flipping the bill while they’re between jobs or waiting in the unemployment line.


Inquire about their family.  Do they have kids?  Do they want more?  Focus on comments they may make about their mothers.  A good word of advice, if they treat their mother’s with respect and consideration, odds are they’ll treat their spouse the same way.


Ask what they do in their spare time.  If they happen to say they have no spare time, maybe they won’t have time for you either.  Even worse, they may have all the spare time in the world but chose not to use it wisely and spend their hours watching the sports channel and drinking beer. 


By asking some common simple dating questions, you can establish if they’re worth your time and effort and see if they’re compatible for you and your lifestyle.

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