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Dating Conversation Topics That Will FASCINATE Any Man!

Individuals will start scratching their heads if you ask them what you would talk to your date, would she be interested in me after listening to me. Since a person will always remember his first date, you wouldn’t want to destroy the most treasured memory either for her or yourself. Confused as to what you would talk on your first date? Here are some nice and interactive dating conversations topics that will help you find some concrete similarities and speak your mind out in a nice manner.  


First Date tyranny


First date comes ones in a life time and is like a big challenge and is one of the social situations that need to be tackled with a bit of heart and a bit of brain. The uncomfortable feeling always persists in the heart of the two individuals, but you can surely help and ease out the situation and if you manage to do this your partner will never forget you for the rest of his/her life. There are two people with two different thoughts and certain unsaid clauses are undoubtedly going to float in mid air. It is just like there are these two people who are like some product of service and they try their level best to market them in the most attractive and efficient way possible.


What should be avoided?


There are always a few things which a person should not do i.e. trying to touch a live wire, trying to cross a railway when the train is a feet away. Similarly there are many conflicting issues which are good only when under wraps and are not supposed to be teased on the first date. The first one being talking about past relationships and your hangovers is a bad idea as the other person may feel extremely offended as it may be a past which he is trying to cover with you. Being the lady, a lot is expected from you, you are expected to be a speaker, but at the same time, an intelligent speaker. Another strict no-no is commenting about his physical appearance or his monthly income as these topics may make the complete atmosphere very uncomfortable. Even topics about religions, national controversies and some long lost confessions should be avoided. A personal confession may not help but just spoil the situation more. So try and keep the conversation as fresh as possible a humorous conversation is usually the beginning of long and healthy relationship.


What’s worth discussing?


What may really do the trick is to try and keep the conversation as general as possible as such conversations keep the atmosphere very healthy. A humorous conversation never fails to do the trick, its one of the best tricks to get clear the air and break the ice. Dating conversation topics can include hobbies and interests, past achievements or even some philosophical issue that you both are comfortable discussing. Discussing about your passion for a particular hobby may also be helpful as it would portray you as a passionate person. But while doing so try not to stretch it as then it would ruin the conversation. One can even keep the conversation going by asking questions regarding the opposite party’s entertainment options, books, sports interests or the work profile without too much intrusion. A joke in the two of you would help make the complete situation much lighter. You can discuss about some current news or even your day-long procedure in brief. Do try and get out his expectations by asking him about the traits he appreciates and the ones he dislikes.


Super-Speedy Tips


Keep these tips in mind and you are sure to make your date a great success:

Interactive approach is the way to go. Do not be too subtle and do not dominate the complete talk also. Both should be equally interested in the topic and should provide the talk should proceed in an inter-leaved manner. A balance must be maintained.

Questions that are to be posed should be funny and interesting. You can ask him even a few hypothetical comedy questions to make the conversation lighter. Or tell him about a funny situation you got into. Personal experiences do wonders during a conversation.

Be inquisitive because if you stay dull during the whole conversation the man will loose interest and will not know what to do next. Apart from being the talker, the lady also needs to be a silent listener. You should seem concerned about them and their lives.

Do not let your enthusiasm fade away till the last moment of the date. A lively atmosphere and a meeting that is filled with fun and frolic will surely be remembered. Being slightly intellectually advanced as compared to the others can help a great deal in effective communication. Start believing in yourself and things will automatically happen your way.  

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