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Itís ok to be picky when youíre trying to find that special someone.  You donít want to have to settle when you know there is someone out there more compatible for you. Regardless if youíre online dating or filling your time at the local laundry mat waiting around for Mr. Right, here are some words of advice for dating. 


Be patient, there is no need to rush into a serious relationship if youíve just started dating.  Why rush through all the fun stuff?  Getting to know one another is the most exciting part of dating.  Finding out each othersí likes and dislikes will help determine if heís the one for you.


Be strong, donít let them intimidate you or persuade you into doing something youíre not ready for.  This could be anything from meeting his kids or his mother, or even having sex.  Dating is the relationship phase about learning.  Learning about one another, before determining where you think or want the relationship to go is a very important step. 


Being honest is always some good dating advice.  Be honest about yourself, and be honest to yourself as well.  If there is something that is making you feel uncomfortable, or that red flag is waving in the back of your mind, odds are something isnít right.  Trust your instincts.  That little voice inside your head is telling you something, listen to it and back away.


Show respect.  This can simply be achieved by being on time.  Nobody likes to sit there waiting in a restaurant by themselves, checking their watch every ten minutes.  Show them the same courtesy that you would like to receive.  Another dating advice aspect regarding respect is to respect their opinion.  Although their opinions may not agree with yours, respect them enough to let them be an individual.  Donít try to pressure them or change them, to be who you want them to be.


Communicate with one another.  You donít always have to spend every free moment together.  Plug in your blue tooth and chat while youíre doing the dishes.  Sometimes itís easier to talk when youíre not face to face.  Show them courtesy during the conversation by letting them finish their sentences without interrupting. 


Listen attentively to what they say.  When you ask them a question, wait for their answer.  You may find you have a lot in common. If they tend to avoid answering your questions, they may be trying to hide something. 


By just following these simple words of advice, your dating experience can be fun and exciting.

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