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Calling Your Date

You just went out on a date dropped her at her place like a good human being. The next most important step is calling your date. Now calling your date is the big ‘Q’ that lies in front of many people! One cannot really sit and pluck petals for this one deciding whether you should call your date or not. This is one aspect of a relationship that may change with every individual and his own psyche. Some people who tend to be overtly shy can never take this first step whereas on the other hand, there are some people who are highly dominating in a relationship and more than enjoyment, they become a pestering factor and have the capacity to change your though process and your overall lifestyle.


What has the society trend been?


The society has evolved a fortune since the times of the romantic poets who described the rosy picture of courtship. A man and woman are now at an equal juncture and there are many exceptions to this. Some women prefer to take a back seat and be pampered by their man. They expect that the man like their ultimate protector should take the first step and call them. Since the times have changed, women want to be on equal footing and do not hesitate to take the first step, there are many women who feel that stereotypical ways are out and don’t fear to take the initiative of calling or being the first one to strike a conversation. Keeping your morale and spirits high can surely help you do your bit in the relationship.


Best Time to Call


This can be a slightly instinctive. Mental telepathy may not work at all times and you need to know the exact time when to call. The best time to call would be:

When you know that the relationship receives equally reciprocation from both ends.

When your dominance is at its peak and you really can’t control your emotions for your date.

If you are confident enough that your call will not really bother the other person.

There is something really important or concrete to discuss or share.


Worst time to call


If there is a best time there has to be a worst time. Just like the above mentioned situation, there are certain times that stand to be a major no when it comes to calling. 

    1) When you have already called up a thousand times for precisely no reason at all.

    2) When there is as such no appreciation or initiative from his end with respect to talking.

    3) When you are not confident enough to sustain a conversation with your date.

    4) When the other person is really busy with his work and you know the fact!

    5) When you are feeling embarrassed about the complete situation and you are going to speak also about that.


    Few tips that may help

    1. Do not expect because expectations can kill. If you have called, do your part of talking instead of seeking too many answers. Looking for reinforcement is not advised. You can be suggestive in your tone but not too provocative.

    2. One should not try to stretch the conversation as it would eventually bring down the charm of the whole conversation. It is very important to keep the conversation as sweet as possible and short if there is no precise reason that you are calling for.

    3. There are situation when you have taken time out from the world to talk to her but she may not. One should also know each other priorities as they play an important role in a relationship. During any situation they should always keep in mind the other persons priorities. Any harm done in this area will eventually come falling down on the relationship.


    Ladies, it is very important that you give your guy some credit for their commitment towards you or the help that he has offered. One of the major mistakes that women do is that they wait for their men to come up with the topic; this feeling generally comes up when the women feel that they have done enough for the relationship. One major mistake that men and women do equally is that they get other people involved in their personal matters. It is advisable to keep such matters away from other people. Eventually what works out is the face to face talk. If you really wish to vent out your emotions or have a sudden urge to talk, don’t move back and take the phone. Both men and women play equal roles in their respective relationship, so it is very important to know what one has to do in a relationship. It is the ‘you’ that will eventually make the ‘we’, so go ahead and do things that you feel are right and important for a happy and strong relationship.

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