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Turn on your television set for just a few minutes and you may find yourself convinced that you will never be able to have what it takes to attract guys.  Guys on the television always get the girl with the pencil-thin waist.  You are definitely going to need breast augmentation to attract even the most average looking guys, right?  You donít have a bubbly personality, you arenít feminine enough and youíre sure that the guys think that they can go spelunking in your pores. The reality is that guys arenít attracted to women who look like super models or any one specific type.  You are your worst enemy when it comes to the guys you attract.  The truth is, guys are attracted to women who believe that they are everything a man could and should want.


Do you want to know the secret to what makes guys attracted to women?  It doesnít take a lot of money or surgery in order to attract guys.  You can be any size, shape or ethnicity.  All it takes to attract the guys you really want to date is an attitude adjustment.  Real, good quality guys are less likely to care about the way a woman looks than they do about her attitude.  Guys tend to react more to the way a woman makes them feel and that is what often attracts them to a particular girl.  You can be the girl that attracts all the guys!


In order to work on making yourself attractive to guys, take a look around you when you leave the house.  You will see that the real women of the world come in all different shapes and sizes.  Many of these women have already successfully attracted guys of their own!  The difference between these women and women who have a hard time attracting men is that the women who already have guys have accepted that they are beautiful no matter what they look like.  They know that they have a lot to offer a guy and any guy that is with her is lucky to have her.  When they attracted their guy, they didnít just know this- they believed it.


To improve your attitude and the way you feel about yourself, commit to telling yourself how beautiful you are several times a day.  Every time you go out, it is the perfect opportunity to attract guys by practicing feeling confident and comfortable with yourself the way you are.  The more you are able to practice, the easier it is to believe it and guys will eventually become attracted to the new you!

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