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Need Advice for Dating a YOUNGER Man?

For some strange reason May-December romances only seem to be accepted when the woman is younger than the man.  The only way that this attitude will change, however, is through women dating younger men.  The best advice that can be offered in regards to dating younger men is to embrace it.  Be proud of your young beau and defend your right to be with him vehemently.  After all, there are plenty of reasons for women to enjoy dating younger men.

You Are Strong and Independent

In the past, there was a tendency for a woman to look for a man who could provide for her and future children.  In recent times, this has become unnecessary – women can provide for themselves.  Often, in fact, they are the primary breadwinner of the family.  Without the need for a provider, women feel free to look at younger men.

If You Wanted a Trophy, You'd Keep it on a Shelf

The title of "trophy wife" includes the word wife for a reason.  Is it possible women just want a younger man on their arm to make them appear more desirable?  Sure – anything is possible.  This just happens to be rather uncommon.  Most women who date younger men aren't after a "trophy husband".  Does the fact that these men are young and virile appeal to them?  Of course it does.  But often times, the women who date younger men are simply looking for someone to keep up with them.

He Accepts Who I Am

Some women find that men of their own age expect them to fit into a certain role.  While it may be a traditional role, that isn't even necessarily the case.  A key thing with younger men is that they have fewer preconceived notions about what women should or shouldn't do.  As such, dating a younger man can be freeing as they put less restrictions on what they expect you to be doing with your time.

Are You Listening?

Yet another wonderful thing about younger men is that they have learned the value of listening.  Most women like to feel heard when they talk to someone, and though they don't always do it, younger men tend to pay attention.  They've been taught somewhere along the line that what women have to say is important.  And the women dating them appreciate that fact.

There are all sorts of reasons people can give that women shouldn't date younger men.  What if he wants kids?  What about when you are too old to keep up with him?  What if…?  Prepare yourself for those questions.  There is no real reason for you to not date a younger man – only society's refusal to accept it.  And who is society to judge?  After all, it is your life and your happiness at stake.

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