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10 Ways to Get a Boyfriend

Boyfriends can be fun.You see boyfriends and girlfriends all of the time, holding hands, stealing kisses and gazing longingly into each otherís eyes.It is just the most beautiful thing to see a boyfriend and girlfriend together, unless you are the only one without your own boyfriend!So how do you get your own boyfriend without settling for something less than you deserve?Here are 10 ways to get a boyfriend that can work for just about any girl.


First, donít obsess about wanting to get a boyfriend.  Desperation is very obvious and a complete turnoff to potential boyfriends.  Second, make sure you want to get a boyfriend for all the right reasons.  Donít get a boyfriend because you donít like being the only one at a party without a boy on your arm.  Third, itís time to love you for exactly who you are right this very second!  If you donít think you are the catís meow and any guy would be lucky to be your boyfriend, you need to get whatever you need to done to truly believe that you are an incredible and beautiful person.  When you see yourself this way, others see you this way, too.  Itís a simple fact!


Fourth, get out and meet people.  You may not meet someone who could be a boyfriend every time you leave the house, but the more people you meet, the more practice you get and the more exposure you get.  Other people notice if you are having fun and it makes you even more attractive.  Fifth, make sure you keep a positive attitude.  No matter what happens while you are out searching for a boyfriend, remember that it takes time and patience.


The sixth of the 10 ways to get a boyfriend can be difficult for some people.  You may have to be the one to approach a guy you are interested in getting as a boyfriend.  Making the first move can be uncomfortable, but if the guy is amazing and becomes your boyfriend, it was worth the little bit of anxiety!  Seventh, be yourself!  Donít dumb yourself down for anyone.  You are smart and it is okay to show it.  The eighth way is a mistake many girls make.  Never, ever refer to past relationships or boyfriends.  Ninth, let him know that you like him with a bit of fun flirting and letting him know you are available.  Finally, the 10th way is to go into every conversation without expectations.  You canít be let down and you have a great social experience to take with you to the next meeting.


Keep in mind that you donít have to incorporate all 10 ways to get a boyfriend in order to be successful!  You can use just one or a combination of ways doing whatever you are comfortable with and what may work best for you.  The bottom line is getting a boyfriend should be fun and exciting.  These ideas on how to get a boyfriend are just guidelines to help you use what you already have to get the boyfriend youíve always wanted!

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