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10 SECRET Ways
to Attract Great Men

Women have a number of ways in which she can attract men, but there are about 10 ways to attract men that are consistently effective.Every woman is an individual and will have certain things that will work for her that may not work for another, but when it comes down to it, men respond favorably to certain things almost predictably.Keep in mind that you can attract men just the way you are right now.These 10 tips are just to help you enhance what you already have to offer.


The first way to attract men is to just be you.  Men do not respond to someone who is fake or tries to be artificial in any way.  Donít pretend to like a sport just because a guy you like is a huge fan.  Your deceit will eventually come to light and that is very unattractive to men.  The second way is to be as natural as possible.  While there are men who do enjoy a woman who can expertly make herself up, most guys like a woman to be as natural as possible.  Sometimes too much makeup and dressing provocatively can give a man a message of insecurity.  Use a minimum of makeup and dress how you feel the most comfortable.  Your relaxed and natural presence is what will attract men.


The third of the 10 ways to attract men is to take care of you.  This doesnít mean you need to go on a diet right now and lose weight.  You are beautiful no matter what size you are.  In fact, most men are attracted to curves!  To be healthy means to avoid drinking too much, quit smoking if it is an issue and do what you can to eat healthy.  Just caring for yourself comes through on the surface and attracts men.  The fourth way to be attractive to men is to always remain positive.  Avoid talking about negative aspects of your life, job, past relationships and anything else.  Keep conversation light and fun.  The fifth way to attract men is to be patient.  Desperation is a huge turn-off and can be seen by most men in body language and sometimes words.  Know that you will attract the right guy when the time is right.  Believe this and patience will be easy.


Once youíve got a guys attention, you can try the sixth way to attract a man.  Try to be a bit shy and playful.  Guys just love a coy woman.  Eighth on the list of attracting men is to try and be unpredictable.  Sporadic surprises that delight a man are sure-fire ways to get him attracted to any woman.  The ninth way to attract men is do whatever it takes to make yourself feel sexy.  If you feel sexy, you are sexy.  He will be attracted to you because you are sexy.  Itís really that simple!


Finally, and maybe the most important of the 10 ways to attract men is to have fun.  If you are not having fun, then any man you are trying to attract is probably not having fun either.  Fun is attractive and contagious.  If you are able to have fun and enjoy your social experiences, then you are likely to attract more men than you can handle!

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